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April 06, 2010




(How's it going? :-) )

//No flags in mail app, I need these bad, come on apple, this should be there by now!

Can this be done if iPad cannot multitask?

//I want suns jini(remember jini)

Outside of Sun, you are the only one who remembers it. Congratulations.

How is the ergonomics? Can you use it comfortably sitting on the couch? Too heavy for prolonged use? Did you prop it up when watching the movie?




@Srikanth - Hey buddy long time no talk great to hear from you, glad someone got the jini reference :)

Ergos are pretty good its a little heavey, im hoping to get that notebook/cover in the article its very cool think it will help cause one of the ways it folds is at a slight angle, that would help.

Yeah flags are simple foreground markers, so that would be easy! But I can say I cant wait until 4.0 comes out !

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