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March 03, 2008



I have the EXACT same problem, except that it's at my house. I live over a clothing boutique with a wireless camera system and everyday when she opens the store and turns on the camera, goodbye wireless signal. Is there a super strength router out there that will override her signal? She is completely unwilling to compromise and denied for months that the problem was her cameras. I'm not sure what type of camera system she has but can it be wired and not wireless? Please help! It has been over a year.

Joel Nylund

Hi Ilona, yes, I think if you get a wireless N router and N card for your computer that operates at the 5ghz spectrum you should be good. Also if you can find out how many cameras the store uses, there may be a channel you can get to work. Try 1, 6 & 11 on your router and see if any of them work during the day!


I wonder if Security sensors can affect wireless or blackberry devices, itouch, iphones. Sometimes our router just disapears, i'd like to get my hands on a spectrum analyser to troubleshoot.


If I'm using someone else's Wifi network(with their permission of course!) would changing the channel on just MY side help the interference? I recently purchased a set of 2.4ghz wireless cameras myself.


@Laura - no you need to change the channel on the router and on your side.

@Jean - for sure they can interfere with these devices if they use wifi, I haven't seen them interfere with the phone networks, but its possible. Good luck on your troubleshooting!


This will fix your problem.

1. Get a Latest router that comes with "Auto Scan Channel" option and set it to auto scan for any available channel.
2. If you are using a G+ router, do not select Enhanced G with Dynamic Turbo. This will prevent the router from scanning for all available channels.

Good Luck.

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