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January 28, 2008



Thanks a lot for this guide. I've been looking for some confirmation that Facebooker works. Did you use Rails > 2.0?

Joel Nylund

Your welcome, I will post an update to this example in a couple days after the team does one more fix to make it easier to sandbox your facebook app. Im using 1.2.6, but it should work fine under 2.x (actually all the developers of facebooker are running 2.x)

Fernando Correia

Thank you for this article. It was helpful to me, for I am learning Facebook as I develop an open source sample Facebook app:


I had to adapt some file names: facebook.fbml.erb and index.fbml.erb. Also, I think the layout needs some adjustments. For me, the #layout line was being shown on Facebook so I deleted it. I also closed the tag, even though I'm not sure it needs closing.


I can see my own app in facebook but when I try to navigate to the face_controller it comes up with this error


Any ideas?

Joel Nylund

Fernando - your welcome, I will remove the #layout, that was just a comment. Which tag did you close? I will update the example if its wrong.

Alex - to go to your face controller you need to go via facebook via http://apps.facebook.com/yourapp which will call the controller with the proper parameters. You cant go directly to it.

Joel Nylund

I see, I have updated the example to remove the #layout comment as its not valid in an rhtml file, also I have added a close tag for in the layout.

There is a much better way to setup the routing and links, I will redo this once the patch is checked in to facebooker.

Shanti Braford

Facebooker looks sweet. I've used the other Facebook ruby library, but will give this one a try for my next Rails app.

S Woodside

There's currently a bug in the installer. When you try to run mongrel or script/generate the plugin you get "no such file to load -- net/http_multipart_post". The installer isn't copying a file over into vendors/plugins. To fix this, you have to also do:

svn co http://facebooker.rubyforge.org/svn/trunk/facebooker/

cp facebooker/lib/net/http_multipart_post.rb vendor/plugins/facebooker/lib/net/

Then delete the checked out facebooker directory.


I also have the same error :


what does that really mean ? But only when i use a form.

If i dont use a form i must use url like this :


Any clue ?

Daniel Bigham

It should be noted that you need to restart your web server after you install the facebooker plugin in step 2, otherwise you'll get the following error when you add ensure_authenticated_to_facebook to your controller:

undefined method `ensure_authenticated_to_facebook' for YourController:Class

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